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Mr. Palomera Room E307
Mr. Palomera Room E307



Ready to have fun? Well, lets learn how some of our favorite animations got created.  Past animators have developed many techniques that have evolved to the traditional and current way professionals in this industry animate.  Presently, these techniques have become digitalized into software and it has made it easy to learn and create animations. Throughout this year, we will learn how to animate using a free software called Pencil.  This software is open sourced, meaning that its free to download with no cost to us. Lets have fun, create animations, and learn interesting concepts.


(Download Pencil)


If we look around us we often wonder how many of the things we view and touch in our daily life came into existence. If we view objects like our iphones, game systems, vehicles, and houses, these had to have been conceptualized, planned, and designed by someone.  Through the use of Computer Aided Design engineers and architects build most of and if not everything that we use in our daily life.  This year we will explore the exiting field of Computer Aided Design using a free software developed by Google.  This software is called Sketchup and its free to download.  So, Lets have fun and learn how the professionals do it!


(Download Sketchup)

Digital Imaging

This year we will go over the Principles of Design and Elements of Art through the use of digital media.  The two main programs that we will be using are Inkscape and Gimp.  These programs are a free version and compared to industry standard software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  It will be easy for middle school students to make a transition from the free versions of Inkscape and Gimp to Illustrator and Photoshop once they get to the High School level.  But for know, this will be a good start in experiencing the exiting world of Digital Art.

gimp.jpg   inkscape.jpg

(Download Gimp)       (Download Inkscape)


What is the History of the Computer? What is a computer?  Is a computer Intelligent? How does a computer process data?  These are just the few questions asked when we think about computers.  This year we will learn a lot of interesting topics when it comes to computer systems.  They range from Hardware, Software, the Internet and the World Wide Web, and Operating Systems.  We will also, learn how to maintain files, how to use Office Applications and learn how to type using a typing software called Microtype.  This will be an interesting year, we will learn a lot of things and have fun while doing this.



At GSTA we learn to create websites using simple html coding.

Online Web Tutorials


We show student a basic understanding of what programming is.  We use certain resources, such as, scratch, and robotics to capture students interest in this particular field.