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Pupil Attendance Options

California law [Education Code Section 48980 (i)] requires all school boards to inform each student's parent/guardian at the beginning of the school year of the various ways in which they may choose schools for their children to attend, other than the ones assigned to the district. 

To locate schools for your home address log in to and select the "FAMILIES" section or by contacting School Information Branch at         (213) 241-2450.

Pupil with Temporary Disabilities

Instruction i the home or hospital is provided pursuant to state law for eligible general education students in grades K-12 whose non-contagious, temporary medical disability prevents attendance in regular day class or alternative educational program for a limited period of time. The intent is to maintain continuity of the student's instructional program during the interim period of disability. A home/hospital teacher provides instruction in subjects/courses correlated with he students school program to the maximum extend possible. Home/ Hospital instruction is designed as a temporary interim service. It shall not replace over an extended period of time, the regularly required instructional program. Instruction in the home/hospital will commence (1) when the attending physician authorizes service to begin, based upon the students ability to participate, and (2) upon receipt of the parents authorization for temporary transfer of educational duties. 

Instruction in the home/hospital for a temporary period of time is also provided for students with a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) or students with a Section 504 Plan - under certain circumstances.