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Principal's Message

August 1, 2018

Dear Global & Technology Academy Families,

It is with great pleasure and honor that I address you as the new principal of the Global Gator family. I am excited about getting to know all the members of the Gator family so that I can learn quickly how to best support our efforts in continuing to ensure that all students achieve their full academic potential.

I have worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District for over twenty years.  My work as an educator, coordinator, assistant principal, and now as principal has always been fueled by my desire to better the communities that the Los Angeles Unified School District serves. I am a product of the LAUSD and my salvation was education; it has empowered me to become a happy contributing member of society.  I know that with our strategic, focused, and passionate work we will deliver the same opportunity to every single one of our students.

Our mission is to ensure that every single student on our campus is given the opportunity to thrive and achieve their goals. My primary goal this year will be to continue developing the strengths of the Gator family as we motivate more and more students to actively engage in the learning process. By ensuring that all students are presented with rigorous, engaging, and standards-based lessons and activities we will guarantee that learning is occurring for all of our students.

I am convinced that by working collaboratively, staying focused on data-driven academic goals, fostering strong relationships with students as we cater to their social-emotional needs, ensuring that every effort is made to achieve mastery of learning for all of our students, that we see each of our students as a strong person with dreams, passions, and aspirations, and that we acknowledge that we all need help in achieving our goals, if we do these things, we will thrive as an educational institution, we will thrive as a Gator family that takes care of all its members.

This work cannot be done alone. I will be reaching out to you to get your ideas and thoughts on how to have the Gator family reach new heights. I invite faculty, staff, parents, and students to talk with me about how we will continue improving the success story of the Gator family. We need to share ideas, we need to challenge each other, we need to make sure that we are working as hard and as smart as we can. Parents, faculty & staff members, and students I seek and need your help and ideas to make sure this Gator family is known as the school that does everything in its power to inspire every single student, that empowers every single faculty and staff member to service the students at their best, that empowers every parent to positively contribute to the school community.

It is with great excitement that I address you as your principal, it is with great hope and aspiration that I look forward to working with all of you, and it is with great pleasure that I look forward to developing empowering relationships with all of you.


Gerardo Llamas
Orchard Global Studies and Technology Academy