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Global Gators are College Ready
Global Gators are College Ready

High School Graduation Requirements

On June 14,2005, the LAUSD Board of Education approved the  A-G Resolution to create educational equity through the implementation of the A-G course sequence as part of the high school graduation requirement. The A-G Resolution establishes a graduation requirement for all students to complete an A-G, fifteen course college preparatory sequence beginning July 1, 2008 (LAUSD Bulletin 2513.1).

All ninth grade students who entered an LAUSD high school in fall 2008 (graduating class of 2012 and thereafter) must be enrolled in complete sequence of A-G courses. Beginning with the spring semester of tenth grade, students and their parents are permitted to request a course substitution waiver of the A-G course requirements for high school graduation (Attachment A ). Waivers will be available to students who are opting out the 3rd year of math or world language sequence only. Only A-G courses may be substituted for the opted out course (s). The school will inform the students and parents/guardians of all implications relating to college admission and other post secondary opportunities. Each student will establish a high school course plan and career pathway with their parent/guardian and the school counselor. this process will apply to the graduating classes of 2012 and 2015.  

Counseling Component


The Middle School/ High School Supplemental Counseling Program (AB1802) requires annual student, parent and counselor conferences for all students in grades 7-12.


When the child enrolls in middle school the parents/guardians and students will work with the counselor to develop an Individual Graduation plan (IGP) and when the student matriculates to high school they will update the IGP annually.


SB 405 expands the requirements to include a review of the career goals of the pupil and for explanation of the coursework and academic progress required for eligibility for admission to a four year college. Students not on track to satisfy the A-G requirements must be identified and monitored.


This is in addition to AB 347 which requires additional notification, counseling, monitoring of service, and documentation of students, classes of 2006, 2007, and beyond, who complete all graduation requirements but have not have passed both parts of the CAHSEE.